Social, economic and environmental justice

We envision a future in which companies, communities, and governments collaborate to become better integrated with landscapes. This future depends on finding a financial model that’s rooted in social justice, an agricultural system that is sustainable, and an ecosystem of interests that works together.

Our vision for the future

Who we work with

Public (government, donors, NGOs, and communities)

Our goal is to nurture livelihoods that rely on and thrive in diverse landscapes. To achieve this natural synergy, we support public sector organizations with in-depth analysis in the following areas:

  • Identification of potential natural resources 

  • Exploration of funding opportunities

  • Capacity building

  • Support for social forestry schemes

  • Development of sustainable business models

  • Integration of government policies into initiatives at the site level

Corporate (brands, traders, growers, and bankers)

Earthqualizer is taking a root-and-branch approach to commodity supply chains. An essential branch of this collaborative network reaches into corporates, where Earthqualizer is active in the following areas:

  • Implementing sustainable business practices

  • Working at all levels to improve practices and raise standards

  • Ensuring that natural resources are managed sustainably

  • Protecting biodiversity

  • Making sure local people are included

The Earthqualizer DREAM

Earthqualizer has a DREAM – a new vision for commodities production, in which business includes and empowers local people to participate in the sustainable management of natural resources, and the government is can be the catalyst for change to:

  • Deliver equitable results based on socio-economic justice

  • Restore degraded areas

  • Encourage co-management of natural resources with other stakeholders

  • Achieve wider inclusion and diversity 

  • Mitigate the negative impacts of business operations